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boys boys boys

Boys will be boys! I love boys though lol.. people, yeah they call me a flirt! but I'm not I swear ;o) ..Well I don't like anyone really... I thought I liked this boy named Tim but he has this lvoe of girls like i have of guys and it just wouldn't work.. I'm not going to get into it.. but you get the picture. There's this other boy I will call my 4 YeAr FrIeNd lol.. and i dunno whatsup with him but thats okay.. maybe something will come up. Then, there's Jeff. but he has a girlfriend..((I asked him to the semi but that didn't work out to well as you can see because I still don't have a date..))There is another boy to I will call him.. HmmM..let's see Jay lol.. He's just so sweet and he's taking me out for my birthday bc my mom won't throw me a party :o(.. isn't that rude?!! lol.. but anyways! I can't wait till my birthday!!
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