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Ok, well now that this is all set, i suposse i will blabber on for a bit. My friend Jessica **much love**(Jazz13 aka Boogie) has one of these things so I figured I'd try one out because "it's amazing what just a few days can do" jay-z..anyways yeah some people think that she's a HooChie ((i'm the girl that kicks some bum)) lol.. yeah.. ok. that was the dumbest thing I've ever heard bc that means I'm something worse than a hooChie which isn't good at all!! lol. You have to excuse me I like to laugh alot.. but it's cool though. I have a mission.. well I have alot of those but one of them is to get a date for thr semi.. I would have a date but the boy i asked is a dud lol..oh well! More of my missions later...
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