K a t h e r i n e E l i s e (kassie) wrote,
K a t h e r i n e E l i s e


Ok, can we say B o r i n g? Swansea isn't exactly the umm..greatest place to be on school vacation. This past week has been verry boring. On Saturday I had basketball, and I did nothing that night. On Sunday was Christmas Eve and I had basketball then went to my grandma's. Monday was Christmas morning, then i went to my Grammie's. Tuesday I had basketball, and did nothing that night. Wenesday I had a game, and went to the boys game. Thursday I had basketball and I had people over. Friday I had basketball and then went ice skating. Saturday it snowed ALLLLLL day.. now that was BORING! lol. Sunday was New Years and I went to Jon Garipy's house for his B-day for a ltitle while then to my friend's house. And today is Monday and I ironed all day because this town in ever so boring lol. Well that was my vacation. Check ya later.. Kassie
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