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Wowowowowow! lol I haven't wrote in this for a LooooooOoooooong time!!! Well, let's see. what have i been up to..I made a deal with my dad that if i got allll A's next term he will buy me an Eclipse!!! But there's two problems Math is my WORST subject and I hate SPANISH!! AHHH what did I do?!!! For a car.. i think I can bear with it. ((HoLd on update - my bestest friend Jessica MArie is listening to my most unfavoritest song!!! ~ Danger <~ I hate that song mannnn)) But anyways back to me. I'm kidna getting along with my mom now, she got me into trouble a couple of weeks but things are okay now. I went to go see SaVe ThE LaSt DaNcE I loveeeeeed it! I once danced but my mom didn't like it so i had to quit <~ it doesn't make sense so don't even bother asking. HmmmM there's nothing new in the boy sistuation. I still can't make up my mind. I have a basketball tomorrow night..I dunno if we're gonna win?! It's kinda like a last minute decision on the teams part lol.Do you know what?! Dawson's Creek stunk last night! I thought Joey and Pacey were gonna break up! but did they NoooooO.. lol..ButI'm glad Dawson and Gretchen are working things out.. thats precious. Well I gotta BoUnCe and do my profil lol.. chat later.. ~*Peace*~
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