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K a t h e r i n e E l i s e's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in K a t h e r i n e E l i s e's LiveJournal:

Sunday, February 11th, 2001
6:44 pm
This is the only way i could express myself..
I wanna go back
to the days where
nothing mattered
where the days
were carefree
to the days of
lopsided hearts, drawn on
paper with a quater sun
in the upper right hand corner
with orange and red rays shooting out at me
to the days when "he loves me"
always occur
and never "he loves me not"
days of generic flowers. . .
a red dot in the center
with too many yellow petals
with symmertrical green leaves on a long stem

where hopscotch boards appear on
black driveways in heavy
street chalk
an era where the bell of
an ice cream truck
meant an extra special treat
that humid evening

the days when white andd black and
blue and green and
gray and brown
and purple and orange were
just meaningless colors and not a
test for skin
when teddy bears were filled
with love and comfort, it's
right ear hanging by
two thin, brown threads

I wanna go back
to barbecues and picnics
filled with triangle sandwiches
and hot dogs and
potato chips. . .even the green ones
when my multiplication tables
received a number-one spot
on the refrigerator
when inhaling the freshly
cut grass while popping off the yellow heads of dandelions
playing with the neighbor's puppy
to the days when I'd constuct a buliding of
Lego's and my brother
wuodl knock it down

I wanna go back
to those days
that are now pictures
in a dusty; brown photo album
and i want to stay there and
NeVeR ReTuRn
- Kg

Current Mood: sad
Friday, January 19th, 2001
3:06 pm
Whatssssssssup? Nothing here! I wasn't myself today and Jeff thinks that I didn't take my AnTi - DePrEsSaNt pills lol. ((I don't take them.. don't worry)) School was VerrrY boring today, but I have a game tonight. WE're probably gonig to lose, and i know that sounds mean but its true. Then , I am staying for the Varsity Game afterwards and then on SAtirday i have practice and I'm having people over my house. <~ exciting..yes yes i know. Oh yeah! Me and my girls in Chours today wer'e talking about a *certain peson* who better whatch herself, bc let me tell you! LoL. Ohh well. Well I'ma gonna go eat my oatmeal and go to my game wish me luck! - ((ThAnKs)) - ..KAsSiE..

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, January 18th, 2001
5:43 pm
Wowowowowow! lol I haven't wrote in this for a LooooooOoooooong time!!! Well, let's see. what have i been up to..I made a deal with my dad that if i got allll A's next term he will buy me an Eclipse!!! But there's two problems Math is my WORST subject and I hate SPANISH!! AHHH what did I do?!!! For a car.. i think I can bear with it. ((HoLd on update - my bestest friend Jessica MArie is listening to my most unfavoritest song!!! ~ Danger <~ I hate that song mannnn)) But anyways back to me. I'm kidna getting along with my mom now, she got me into trouble a couple of weeks but things are okay now. I went to go see SaVe ThE LaSt DaNcE I loveeeeeed it! I once danced but my mom didn't like it so i had to quit <~ it doesn't make sense so don't even bother asking. HmmmM there's nothing new in the boy sistuation. I still can't make up my mind. I have a basketball tomorrow night..I dunno if we're gonna win?! It's kinda like a last minute decision on the teams part lol.Do you know what?! Dawson's Creek stunk last night! I thought Joey and Pacey were gonna break up! but did they NoooooO.. lol..ButI'm glad Dawson and Gretchen are working things out.. thats precious. Well I gotta BoUnCe and do my profil lol.. chat later.. ~*Peace*~

Current Mood: hyper
Monday, January 1st, 2001
7:58 pm
boys boys boys
Boys will be boys! I love boys though lol.. people, yeah they call me a flirt! but I'm not I swear ;o) ..Well I don't like anyone really... I thought I liked this boy named Tim but he has this lvoe of girls like i have of guys and it just wouldn't work.. I'm not going to get into it.. but you get the picture. There's this other boy I will call my 4 YeAr FrIeNd lol.. and i dunno whatsup with him but thats okay.. maybe something will come up. Then, there's Jeff. but he has a girlfriend..((I asked him to the semi but that didn't work out to well as you can see because I still don't have a date..))There is another boy to I will call him.. HmmM..let's see Jay lol.. He's just so sweet and he's taking me out for my birthday bc my mom won't throw me a party :o(.. isn't that rude?!! lol.. but anyways! I can't wait till my birthday!!

Current Mood: excited
7:47 pm
Ok, well now that this is all set, i suposse i will blabber on for a bit. My friend Jessica **much love**(Jazz13 aka Boogie) has one of these things so I figured I'd try one out because "it's amazing what just a few days can do" jay-z..anyways yeah some people think that she's a HooChie ((i'm the girl that kicks some bum)) lol.. yeah.. ok. that was the dumbest thing I've ever heard bc that means I'm something worse than a hooChie which isn't good at all!! lol. You have to excuse me I like to laugh alot.. but it's cool though. I have a mission.. well I have alot of those but one of them is to get a date for thr semi.. I would have a date but the boy i asked is a dud lol..oh well! More of my missions later...

Current Mood: blah
7:29 pm
Ok, can we say B o r i n g? Swansea isn't exactly the umm..greatest place to be on school vacation. This past week has been verry boring. On Saturday I had basketball, and I did nothing that night. On Sunday was Christmas Eve and I had basketball then went to my grandma's. Monday was Christmas morning, then i went to my Grammie's. Tuesday I had basketball, and did nothing that night. Wenesday I had a game, and went to the boys game. Thursday I had basketball and I had people over. Friday I had basketball and then went ice skating. Saturday it snowed ALLLLLL day.. now that was BORING! lol. Sunday was New Years and I went to Jon Garipy's house for his B-day for a ltitle while then to my friend's house. And today is Monday and I ironed all day because this town in ever so boring lol. Well that was my vacation. Check ya later.. Kassie
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